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Art is my life, I spend all my free time creating polymer clay charms, painting, crafting and bullet journalling.

This is a collection of some of my creations.







About Me

Hi, my name is Tammy and I'm the creator behind Tam's Creative.  I have a passion for art and creativity and I am happiest when creating.. painting, sculpting, crafting and drawing.. basically anything you can classify as art!

I discovered poylmer clay by watching a couple of tutorials on YouTube and I decided to give it a try. I immedietly fell in love with the medium and started to create my own charms.


After recieving such great feedback from friends and family, I decided to create my own shop selling my own art work and polymer clay charms. My charms can be converted into keychains, bag charms, necklaces, earrings.. you name it!  I also create bespoke items so please do get in touch if there's something you want that is not currently on my website.

I design, photograph and package all of the items in my shop.


Please visit my shop and support my work.


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